Dispute Resolution Policy

This Dispute Resolution Procedure will apply when an Owner or Renter contacts Book My Boat for assistance in settling a dispute between an Owner and Renter in relation to Cancellations or damage to a Boat, or any other reason. Book My Boat will follow this procedure in assisting the parties in resolving their dispute. However, Book My Boat has no power to force either party to agree to resolve a dispute and disclaims all liability for determinations made by Book My Boat in good faith while attempting to resolve disputes. At any time (even after Book My Boat has made a determination) a party to a Book my Boat related dispute may, begin legal action in relation to their claim.

Book My Boat's Dispute Resolution Process is:

Receive a Dispute claim from an Owner or Renter via support@bookmyboat.com.au. All claims must be in writing providing enough supporting documentation/evidence to support the claim.

Book My Boat will notify the other party of the Dispute and allow them 48 hours to submit an incident report or explanation in response to the claim

Book My Boat will review the reports and all supporting evidence provided by both parties. Eg: On Hire / Off Hire checklist and photos as per the On Hire / Off Hire Procedure

Book My Boat will make further enquiries (if required) as part of the investigation and liaise with Owner and Renter in relation to an amicable resolution.

If it makes sense, offer the parties the opportunity to progress to formal mediation (costs borne by the party making the dispute claim)

Make a final determination and communicate it to both parties. Book My Boat will arrange for the refund or payment of outstanding monies based on this determination.

Last Updated April 2024