Fee & Other Payments Policy

This Policy explains the current fees and other amounts charged by Book My Boat in connection with a transaction via its Services. All fees included in this policy are subject to change at any time. Renters agree to pay the Owner the price listed for the Boat they hire (the Rental Fee). The Rental Fee will be collected by Book My Boat from the Renter for confirmed bookings. Upon the making of a booking Renters will be asked to provide information such as credit card information, name, address and boat licence numbers. This information will be collected for Book My Boats third party payment processor. Renters agree to pay the Rental Fee and other fees as set out in this Policy for any booking they arrange through the website. Renters authorise the collection of such amounts by charging against the credit card number provided. Renters authorise Book My Boat to debit funds from their Fuel and Security deposit to make a payment for fuel that was not settled at the time of the rental, or in the event of damage caused to the rented Boat, if, in the reasonable opinion of Book My Boat, the Renter is liable for these costs.

1. Rental Fees

The Rental Fee is made up by the Boat Fees and the Service Fees.

a) Boat Fees

The Boat Fees represent the amount the Owner will receive nett of any Book My Boat Service Fees or other amounts (except, in certain situations where Administration Fees may be imposed on the Owner).

b) Service Fees

i) Standard Service Fees

Book My Boat applies Service Fees on every transaction completed on the Service. Service Fees are included in the listed price (26% of the Listing price). Service Fees are payable by the Owner, upon the completion of a booking as consideration for the following services:

• Provision and servicing of an online marketplace that includes a secure payment processor, online messaging, calendar availability, familiar community of rental customers

• The provision of rental insurance, policies, procedures, checklists and guidelines to support the rental.

• Retained Security deposits on every rental period.

ii) Commercial Vessel Service Fees

Book My Boat provides incentive via reduced Service Fees for company owned boats with commercial registration that are already fully insured for commercial use.
Book My Boat applies Commercial Vessel Service Fees for Company owned Boats on each transaction provided that the Certificate of Survey/Operation and the Insurance policy are received before the making of a booking. If this information is not provided prior to making a booking, then Book My Boat’s standard service fees will apply Commercial Vessel Service Fees are included in the listed price (18% of the Listing price).
Book My Boat will pay the difference in commissions to the Commercial Boat Owner via a rebate on a monthly basis.