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BookMyBoat is changing the way Australians go boating.

We make boating more affordable for boat owners and more accessible for non boat owners who want to enjoy the boating lifestyle without the burdens of ownership.

Why Rent with BookMyBoat? You get to enjoy the variety and flexibility of fully insured on-demand boating, in any location, on a date that suits you, using our secure processes.

Variety is the spice of life, why be limited to one type of boat when you could choose a different boat to suit your every adventure.


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The benefits of renting with BookMyBoat

simple rental process

All hires completed on BookMyBoat must be comprehensively insured to put your mind at ease.

All you need to do is pack the picnic


your safety is paramount

Safety and the protection of our members is paramount at BookMyBoat.

Each renter must fulfil the following criteria:


Be at least 18 years of age (please note that individual Boat Owners have the right to increase the minimum age to hire on their vessel)


Where necessary hold a current recreational boat license (or equivalent) or a PWC license if hiring a PWC (Jetski) inline with their State’s laws (i.e Boat licence is generally not required in Northern Territory or for the rental of non-powered watersport equipment e.g. Kayak)


Possess a current, valid car drivers license recognised in Australia, and be willing to present this to the boat owner at time of rental as proof of identity.

Additional Requirements

Additionally, you are required to notify BookMyBoat of any changes to your eligibility. This includes but is not limited to: The status of your recreational boat licence The status of your drivers license Failure to notify may result in your account being deactivated. BookMyBoat may in it’s sole discretion, periodically monitor any renters drivers record, credit score, or educational requirements to ensure that such renter continues to qualify for membership under our renter eligibility requirements. Boating licensing requirements do vary from state to state.To qualify for insurance coverage, you do need to meet any state requirements for licensing and/or certification. It is your obligation as a renter to ensure that you meet all requirements.

License requirements

To be eligible to rent a boat on BookMyBoat you must hold the relevant boat license for your state for recreational purposes.

At the time of writing (April 2019) the following are general requirements.

In all States in Australia, (excluding NT) a recreational boat license is required to operate a boat recreationally if it’s engine is greater than 4hp or the boat can exceed 10knots.

In order to be covered by our insurance, please review the rules and regulations of the state/s in which you are renting to ensure you are operating in accordance with Maritime regulations.

DAY Of Rental

on the day of rental it is important to have the following documents ready:

On the rental day, it is important to have the following documents ready:

– Your Booking confirmations

– Your photo identification (car drivers license) 

– Your Boat/PWC licence (if required)

Important: Failure to provide that required documentation may result in the owner cancelling your booking without refund.

When you meet the owner, they will provide an briefing and inspection of the vessel including the location of the safety equipment, the operation of the vessel and the operational restrictions including navigational limits. 

Along with the Boat Owner you will need to complete the report. On this document you should note:



– Any pre-existing damage to the vessel. Take photos of any damage. 

– The fuel level prior to the start of the rental. 

It is critical that both parties sign off on the On Hire/Off Hire documents.



After the rental has concluded, renter and boat owner must complete the Off Hire report. This requires another walkthrough to note that the vessel was returned in the same condition as when it went out. Any new damage must be noted, and photos taken. Normal wear and tear is not considered as damage. Remember to return the boat with fuel at the same level as when you received it or settle the fuel payment with the owner to avoid additional fees

If you are having difficulty reaching the owner on the day of rental try reaching them via email or phone. You can refer to your Booking Confirmation document or the Vessel Operations Manual onboard for contact information.

IMPORTANT: The On Hire process is required to be signed by both parties in the event that a claim needs to be filed with an insurer. If a dispute arises, please notify BookMyBoat immediately and the Dispute Resolution Process will begin. BookMyBoat reserves the right to make a determination that resolves the dispute if it’s otherwise able to be achieved.