On Hire / Off Hire Procedure

The On Hire / Off Hire Procedure exists to assist Owners and Renters to follow a process that reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings and disputes surrounding the condition of a Boat upon the completion of a hire.

This procedure must be adhered to for Rentals facilitated by Book My Boat.

1. Prior to the start of the Rental Period the Owner must give the Renter a pre-departure briefing which includes the following;

a. Review of the Safety Management System and safety equipment
b. Discussion about the boat rules and area of operation
c. Explanation of how to operate the boat

2. At the completion of the pre-departure briefing the Owner must complete the On-Hire checklist which includes:

a. Documenting the boats condition prior to handover
b. Recording the fuel level at handover
c. Taking photos of the boat from multiple angles to prove its existing condition
d. Taking a photo of the completed On Hire checklist that has been signed by both the Owner and Renter
e. Emailing the photos of the On Hire Checklist and the boat to Support@bookmyboat.com.au and the Renter prior to handover.

3. At the end of the rental, the Off Hire checklist must be completed which includes;

a. A review of the boats condition
b. Recording any damage that’s occurred during the rental period, excluding fair wear and tear.
c. Recording the fuel level and either settling the fuel payment or noting it will be deducted from the Fuel and Security deposit in line with the Fees Policy
d. The Owner emails a photo of the completed Off Hire report plus the photos of the boat upon completion of the rental period.
e. If the boat has sustained damage;

i. The Renter must complete a vessel incident report explaining the damage and how it occurred. The incident report must be emailed to Support@bookmyoat.com.au and the boat owner.
ii. The Owner must obtain quotes to rectify the damage and provide these with Book My Boat and the Renter. If the damage costs in excess of the Security Deposit the Renter will forfeit the Deposit and the owner will progress to repairs and/or lodge an insurance claim with their insurance provider.

If a dispute arises during this process Book My Boat will follow the Dispute Resolution Procedure.

Last Updated: 28th June 2023