This Revision of the Standard Conditions of Hire applies to all hires booked after the Revision date.


1.1. By accepting a booking request, the Owner acknowledges that they have read, understand & agree to be bound by these standard conditions of hire, as well as the Book My Boat Standard Terms and Conditions, and other Book My Boat Policies.

1.2. By confirming a booking, the Renter acknowledges that they have read, understand & agree to be bound by these standard conditions of hire, as well as the Book My Boat Standard Terms and Conditions, and other Book My Boat Policies.


2.1. In return for the Renter paying the agreed price (the Rental Fee) the Owner shall allow the Renter to Rent the vessel nominated (the Boat) for the time period set out in the booking (Rental Period).

2.2. The Owner agrees to deliver the Boat clean, and in full working order to the Renter at the place of Delivery specified in the Order Confirmation, at the time and date specified for the Rental Period.

2.3. Standard collection and return times are as specified by the Owner in the listing for the Boat. Alternative collection and return times may be mutually agreed upon between the suppliers and customers at their discretion during the booking process.

2.4. The Renter agrees to return the Boat to the place of delivery specified in the Order Confirmation at the time and date specified therein for the end of the Rental Period. At return, the Renter shall ensure that the Boat is in as good a condition as it was at Delivery, normal wear and tear excepted and that all inventory, machinery and other detachable items are also returned.

2.5. If the Renter fails to Return the Boat by the end of the Rental Period, such failure may constitute an unauthorized taking of the Boat and the Renter will be fully liable for all legal fees, costs, and expenses including consequential loss of potential rental or rental income to the Owner, up to the replacement cost of the Boat and its equipment. Renters are therefore advised to contact Owners well in advance if they expect to be returning late.

2.6. If the Renter returns the Boat after the nominated end of the Rental Period the Owner may charge a Late Return Fee in addition to the agreed Rental Fee. The Late Return Fee will be calculated in accordance with the Fees Policy set out at www.bookmyboat.com.au.


What is not covered for?

a. Loss or Damage to Sports, Fishing, Diving Equipment

b. Pre-existing Damage to the vessel that did not occur outside of the hire period.

c. Loss or Damage caused by the Vessel being unseaworthy or arising from lack of maintenance.

d. Loss or Damage to Motor(s) when secured to your vessel in a manner other than that specified or recommended by the manufacturer of the Motor(s) or the Vessel.

e. Loss or Damage caused by ordinary wear and tear, deterioration, vermin, corrosion, electrolysis, delamination, mould, rusting, wet or dry rot, marine growth.

f. Mechanical, structural, electrical or electronic failures unless caused by an accident covered by this policy.

g. Loss or damage to tyres or wheel rims of your trailer caused by braking, punctures, cuts or bursts.

h. Liability for the boat owner or Book My Boat if deemed negligent in their actions leading to an incident

i. Liability for bodily harm or death incurred whilst participating in watersports activities.

j. The use of any diving, fishing, sports, waterskiing or aquaplaning equipment; k. Death or bodily injury caused by the activity of: scuba diving, diving or diving operations, or in connection with the supplying, usage and/or instructions in the use of Diving Equipment, diving accessories and similar equipment:

- boom netting, waterskiing or aquaplaning,
- snorkelling or tunnel diving,
- towing of persons or objects in the air including parasailing,
- any other activity involving swimming by persons carried by the Vessel.