Boat Eligibility Policy

Boat Eligibility Policy



All boats (excluding non-powered water sports equipment) listed on Book My Boat for rental purposes must be registered as a Domestic Commercial Vessel (DCV).


Boat Owners must upload an AMSA provided Certificate of Survey or an exemption hereto (EX02) and a Certificate of Operation at the time of listing their vessel. Failure to do so may result in Book My Boat suspending or removing your listing.


Non-Powered Water Sports equipment such as kayaks, canoes and paddle boards do not require commercial registration.


Jetski’s are excluded from Book My Boats insurance coverage. Jet ski’s are permitted to list on Book My Boat however they must maintain and submit their own insurance policy suitable for hire and drive use.

Commercial Registration


For Vessels under 12m, applying for commercial registration is now a cost effective and a streamlined process. Vessels can now be commercially registered for recreational/boat hire use under AMSA’s Non-Survey scheme. The Non-Survey scheme exempts vessels under 12m from the usual stringent requirements of commercial survey. It provides an exemption (EX02) from the need to maintain a ‘Certificate of Survey’.


To ascertain a commercial registration, you must ensure your vessel has the following;


Commercial registration for small vessels has cost benefits for the boat owner that included;


Book My Boat specialises in assisting clients to ascertain commercial registration which allows them to list their boat on www.bookmyboat.com.au Contact support@bookmyboat.com.au for more details.


Last Updated: April 2019