Book My Boat Boat Eligibility Policy

All boats (excluding non-powered water sports equipment) listed on Book My Boat for rental purposes must be registered as a Domestic Commercial Vessel (DCV). Book My Boat will only accept a request to list a boat once the boat owner supplies the commercial registration certification. Namely, A certificate of Survey/non Survey and a Certificate of Operation. Failure to provide evidence of commercial registration will result in a boat owners listing request to be denied.

Commercial Registration

For Vessels under 12m, applying for commercial registration is now a cost effective and a streamlined process. Vessels can now be commercially registered for recreational/boat hire use under AMSA’s Non-Survey scheme. The Non-Survey scheme exempts vessels under 12m from the usual stringent requirements of commercial survey. It provides an exemption (EX02) from the need to maintain a ‘Certificate of Survey’.

To ascertain a commercial registration, you must ensure your vessel has the following:

An Australian Builder Plate

An outboard petrol engine or diesel engine

Meets the minimum safety requirements of the NSCV Part G

Maintains a Safety Management System