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What is BookMyBoat?BookMyBoat is Australia’s fastest-growing online boat rental marketplace. The BookMyBoat marketplace provides boat owners with the opportunity to list their boats for hire to suitably qualified recreational boat licence holders.



The benefits of using BookMyBoat:1. Generate income & offset your boat ownership & maintenance costs2. Boat Owners have full control over their listing, boat availability and who to rent to, including access to renters star ratings provided by past Boat Owners.3.Boat rentals are comprehensively insured (conditions apply) to give you peace of mind.4. Rent to registered BookMyBoat rental members ONLY.5. Standardised policies, procedures and agreements provide clear guidelines for all members.6. Commercial Registration saves you money.7. Commercial Registration increases the value of your boat.8. Commercial Registration is Tax deductible. Enjoy the Tax benefits. 9. List Your Boat for free.10. Have more than one boat? No problem – list as many as you wish.In order to assist with obtaining commercial registration, BookMyBoat assists boat owners to secure a Certificate of Operation for all powerboats. This certificate provides customers with reassurance that every vessel listed on BookMyBoat is of the highest quality that meets the Australian Maritime Safety Standards.


1. Enjoy the experience of boating without the hassels, maintenance and costs of Boat Ownership2. Free to sign up. No commitments, no membership fees, you just go online, register and search for the right boat to hire to suit your needs.3. BookMyBoat has boats to suit all needs, whether its waterskiing, fishing, sailing or just cruising on Australia’s picturesque Waterways.4. With BookMyBoat the way Australians do Boating is changing, its simple, it’s easy and its convenient . 5. Boat rentals are comprehensively insured (conditions apply) to give you peace of mind. Simply Sign Up with BookMyBoat to begin Boating!If you’ve got any questions or want to find out more get in touch with our BookMyBoat team and we can talk you through the process.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly crew via phone or email: support@bookmyboat.com.au

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